Airbags, electrical system problems, steering issues, faulty brakes. Chances are that if you’ve been driving for decades, you’ve gotten a notification from a manufacturer that there was some sort of active recall on your vehicle. 

Maybe you blew it off. Between work, school and all your other responsibilities, your days are already jam-packed. You don’t have time to take your car to the dealership and wait for it to be fixed. You have places to go. People to see. We’re guilty of it, too.

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration explains that if your vehicle appears on the latest list of recalled vehicles you do NOT want to delay taking it to be repaired. Both Hyundai and Kia have been tallying a number of vehicle fires or instances where car components have melted. The manufacturers determined that several models of their vehicles, including cars sold in Idaho, have a problem with the anti-lock brake system that could cause a short. That short could cause a fire. It doesn’t matter if the car is running or shut off.  

Photo by Matt Hearne on Unsplash
Photo by Matt Hearne on Unsplash

3.3 million cars are part of the recall and if you have one, you should keep them away from your home and outside of your garage/other parking structures. Hyundai is reaching out to drivers that they know have one of these vehicles and inviting them into local dealerships to get fixed. It appears that as of September 27, Kia hadn’t put together a game plan yet. 

So which models should Idaho drivers be cautious around? Here’s a look at the vehicles included in the “park outside” recall. You can also enter your VIN number on the NHSTA’s website to see if you’re in the clear or need a repair. 

22 Cars Under a "Park Outside" Recall Due to Fire Risk

The NHTSA advises drivers to park these vehicles outside and away from structures until they've been repaired. For more on the recall click HERE.

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