Are you sending Christmas cards?  If not, you're in the norm.

Time Magazine says there's been a big drop in the number of Christmas cards mailed out over the past few years.  In fact there are about half as many sent out now as there were in 2002.

Each holiday season, I put up a decorative card holder over the coat closet door at my house, and every time I get a card in the mail I put it in one of the slots.  Usually by now I have layers of cards stacked on top of each other, and this year only 8 or 10 friends and family members have sent cards.  Maybe it's because they know they're not getting one back from me!  Oops.

Grandma is more likely to mail out Christmas cards than our twenty-something cousins.  Older folks are sticking with the Christmas cards, and then it dies out a little more with each younger generation.

The card senders, to me, are going above and beyond!  It used to feel almost like a requirement to send out Christmas cards, and now it feels more like a big bonus if it happens.

The people that send a hand-written note through the mail are pretty impressive.  We spend most of the year typing texts and emails, and it's nice when someone takes a break from that routine to send a warm thought the old-fashioned way.  The card-senders are the true masters of the holiday season.  I bet their decorations look flawless too.