For most of us, traveling by airplane is restricted to our human family or friends, but if you fly Delta and plan to bring a service animal, their policy is changing.  Here's what you need to know.

Delta has announced they are changing procedures and requirements if you plan to bring a service animal on a flight with you.  The airline has shared that it feels that some customers have been flying pets who are not official support animals in that role, and it's become a problem (and a loss of income as well).

The airline told that they carry 700 service animals on Delta flights every day, which totals around 250,000 per year.  They also said this has ended up with an 84% increase in incidents with animals (that can range from urination to what would be classified as an attack).

They note that their employees have observed behavior like "barking, growing, lunging and biting" from animals who were classified by owners as service animals.  Typically, a true service animal would be less likely to act out because of the extensive training they receive.

Delta's new policy means that customers will still be able to travel with service and support animals for free, however, they have to provide evidence of health or vaccinations ahead of their flight.  They may also be required to show a signed document that would confirm their animal can behave.

You can review Delta's new policy HERE, and read more from Yahoo! Finance HERE.  The new policy goes into effect March 1, 2018.


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