I'll never forget seeing the movie Ghostbusters for the first time. I was only 6 years old and when I saw the very first ghost appear on the screen, the woman in the library, I screamed! Fortunately for me, Ghostbusters was a comedy, and the rest of the ghosts weren't very threatening. It was my introduction to scary movies as well as the paranormal. I've never had an experience with a ghost, and I don't really want to have one, but the thing I learned from the movie was who to call if I ever do.

The Ghostbusters did their work exclusively in New York City, so if you see a ghost in Boise, who ya gonna call? Here are some paranormal investigators that will help you with your ghost problem. They're not exterminators, but they might be able to help you understand your ghost problem a little better. If you're lucky, they might even be able to convince the ghost to move on.

Boise City Ghost Hunters Paranormal Investigations
(208) 779-0736
The Boise City Ghost Hunters website looks credible. They talk a lot about science and getting to the bottom of your paranormal problem. They don't charge for their services.

Big River Paranormal
Big River Paranormal is part of the TAPS Family, which you may know of because of the SyFy and A&E show, "Ghost Hunters." This group does monthly investigations that are open for reservations at the Old Idaho penitentiary. They also do not charge for investigations.

Panoptic Paranormal
Panoptic Paranormal is a husband and wife team based in Nampa. They post some exciting content on their Facebook page. Their services are also free of charge.


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