Boise Has Some Of the Best Haunted Spots in Idaho
Halloween is not far off, and October will be a great time to discover some new "haunts."
One haunted spot in Boise is at a popular place where you might have seen a concert.  Another involves a ghost horse, riding at a local cemetery.  And another is on the Boise State ca…
Haunted Christmas
I saw a story from Japan about a man who filmed a ghost Click here story from
That led me to do some research on ghosts and I found out something really interesting.  There are more ghost sighting during Christmas than any other time of the year.
107.9 LITE FM at Ghostumentary!
Tonight, Kevin and Brenda were at The Egyptian Theater for the showing of 'Ghostumentary', a documentary that follows the adventures of four Boise film makers who set out to capture the truth…do ghosts exist? Kevin and Brenda grabbed pictures of excited listeners, as well as some of…