For some reason, some of us are captivated by what scares us. People love to get scared and that's a big reason why so many of us flock to horror movies, true crime docs, etc.

If you love the eerie, you'll love the rumors surrounding a popular destination spot in Idaho.

The Shoshone Ice Caves

The Shoshone Ice Caves are located at 1561 ID-75 in Shoshone and are a popular destination spot for people to explore while cooling off from the heat. While it's fascinating to see a cave made of ice that hovers around the mid-30s in temperature, something creepy is lingering within the cave.

There are rumors that the Shoshone Ice Caves are actually haunted and people say they've seen the signs all around them. There have been reports of unusual sounds within the cave and even sightings of "shadow people" which are exactly what they sound like.

But, what's haunting the ice caves?

What Is Really Haunting This Idaho Cave?

A lot of people like to cool down and explore the Shoshone Ice Caves but have you heard of the rumors that it's haunted?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Speaking of caves and the afterlife, we can't forget about the horrible (and shocking) discovery that was made in an Idaho cave. To this day, there is no concrete evidence as to what really happened inside that cave... but the scene is absolutely gruesome.

Horrifying Discovery Made In An Idaho Cave Is Still Unexplained

Who was behind the horrific killing of a man that was then cut up into little pieces inside of an Idaho cave? Was he innocent himself?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Forget caves for a moment - how are we feeling about haunted forests? There is talk about a particular Idaho trail being haunted with stuff that sounds like it's made for a horror movie. There could be an eerie explanation for all of the paranormal activity too... let's take a look...

Could You Handle Hiking One Of Idaho's Most Haunted Trails?

Let's take a look at one of the most haunted trails inside the Saint Joe National Forest in Idaho... are you brave enough to explore it?

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