Liz N. is in! Jaycee G. is in! Will you be the next person to win the golden tickets that money can't buy?

You guys know that I am THE WORST when it comes to keeping secrets, right? THE WORST! That's why when you came to find me at the St. Luke's FitOne Healthy Living Expo and on race day to ask if we were that local radio station Aaron Paul was talking about in his tweet, all I could do was smile, grit my teeth and say "be listening Monday morning at 6:10."

Now I can exhale and tell you yes, LITE-FM is that station and we don't just have tickets to Aaron's pre-screening of the Netflix Original Movie: El Camino, A Breaking Bad Movie, we've got a TON of them! If you're desperately trying to get into the movie, we want to be the ones to make it happen so start setting reminders for the following times in your smartphone!

7:20 a.m.: LITE-FM Pop Quiz

Pop quizzes made you nervous enough in High School. How are you going to feel in the hot seat when these tickets are on the line? Every weekday morning at 7:20, I'll ask one lucky "student" three silly easy questions about something happening in pop culture or the news. If you get at least two of the three questions correct, the tickets are yours! A+! Hang that quiz on the refrigerator!

8:10 a.m: The Gambler

Deanna, who's tirelessly trying to win tickets for her son, seemed very nervous about this game because she's never heard us play it before. Don't be nervous. This game takes 0 skill to win. You just need to keep calling 208-383-1079 over and over again.  Contestants will have a chance to "gamble" on how the next caller will answer my question.  If the contestant gets three responses in a row correct, they win the tickets. Easy, right?!

It was for Christian when we were giving away BSU tickets.  Here's an example of what the game sounds like to ease your fears.

Thursday: Portsche's Fine Jewelry

It's First Thursday at Portsche's in Downtown Boise is celebrating with their "Bag the Big One" event! They'll be giving away a 1-carat Montana Sapphire and goods from their neighbors.  We'll be giving away two pairs of El Camino Passes during the event! One pair at 6 p.m. and one pair at 7 p.m. You MUST be present to win the raffle. You'll get ticket for the raffle just for coming to say hi.  You can earn additional tickets by downloading our app, liking us on Facebook, following us on Instagram and beating us at one of our reindeer games during the party. They're also doing a Peach Sangria tasting from Holesinsky Winery, so come down for a drink after work and win your way in!

Download our LITE-FM Mobile App

We've got some tricks up our sleeves and only our LITE-FM mobile app users will know what those are! ::wink wink:: So if you don't have it, you should! 


I'll be honest, when Aaron Paul did his screening of Ozymandias (the second to last episode of Breaking Bad) at the Egyptian some weird stuff happened around town. People kept brining me rock candy that looked like...well you know. People dressed as Heisenberg showed up and walked laps around the station for hours. Poor Katie was super, super pregnant but still followed us all over the place with her Los Pollos Hermanos chicken bucket trying to get tickets.

I'm setting aside a few tickets for some of these grand gestures I judge totally over the top! What are you willing to do? Tell everyone that LITE-FM's your station on the leader board outside your business? Window chalk up your car to show us how much these tickets mean to you while working LITE-FM into the design? The sky's the limit! A couple lucky people will win some of the tickets from my personal stash!

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