Netflix Drops 'The Grinch' And Idahoans Are Upset
It's reasonable to think that a holiday movie might last the entire season, but fans of one movie got a rude awakening when it was dropped from Netflix before the season even hit the mid-point. But there is hope if you love The Grinch.
Space Shuttle Challenger's Idaho Connection
In 1986, I was an extremely impressionable nine-year-old boy in the fourth grade. Like everyone my age at that time, I was obsessed with space. I loved Star Wars, E.T., and the Pigs In Space segment of The Muppet Show. I had NASA themed LEGO's, dressed up as Darth Vader for Halloween, and a pos…
7 TV Shows That You Didn't Know Were Set In Idaho
Since the 1970s, there have been seven different television series that have been set in Idaho.  Despite having some big stars, all have met a similar fate by being canceled soon after their debut.  After reading this, you may think that there is an Idaho television curse...

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