Earlier this month, the locally-owned pizza shop announced they were temporarily reducing their hours due to staffing issues. 

Do you have a family of extremely opinionated eaters? Can you never come to a consensus when it comes to which pizza to order? Then chances are that Pizza Pie Cafe in Boise has come to your rescue on more than one occasion. The locally-owned pizza shop was well known for its all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta and salad buffet which offered everything from a basic cheese pizza to a uniquely Idaho “Spud-O-Licious” pizza to Cookie Dough, Apple and Oreo dessert pizzas.  

As much as Pizza Pie Cafe fans loved the variety of pies, they loved the price even more. Even during peak dinner times, an all-you-can-eat adult buffet plate was under $10. 

Sadly, there are only a few days left to chow down on the seemingly bottomless pizza at the Broadway Avenue restaurant. In a social media post, the Lindsay Family announced that their store will close for good on Saturday, October 29. Before thanking customers for an incredible seven and a half years of support and smiles, the post explained: 

There are a variety of reasons but the biggest issue is not having the staff to run the store any longer. We’ve done all that we can, within our power, to hire crew, but to no avail.” 

Losing Pizza Pie Cafe feels like a huge loss because the Lindsays were always willing to host school fundraising events, hold give-back nights for charities like Camp Rainbow Gold or become a drop-off location for toy dries supporting St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital. Their generosity has meant a lot to these organizations over the years. 

Facebook/Pizza Pie Cafe Boise
Facebook/Pizza Pie Cafe Boise

During its final week, the restaurant will be open on weekdays 4-9 p.m. and Sat 2-9:30 p.m. 

Pizza Pie Cafe is the second restaurant in Boise to close in October. Earlier this month, the Jalapeno’s location closed to focus on the two more established locations on Franklin and in Nampa.

The two restaurants join a growing list of businesses that have called it quits this year. 

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