A couple of weeks ago, we dug up all the restaurants that found their way onto Food Network thanks to hosts Guy Fieri and Rachel Ray. One of you suggested we do the same for the ones that appeared on Man v. Food. 

So that, we shall! The Travel Channel series visited Boise twice.

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The first visit was by original host Adam Richman in 2009, where he ultimately took on the Johnny B. Goode challenge at Rockies Diner during the episode's challenge. During that challenge he had to eat the "Johnny B. Goode" burger made up of three 1/3-pound hamburgers topped with shredded lettuce, tomato, swiss and cheddar cheese, grilled onions, pastrami, and a 1/4-pound hot dog, all served open-faced on a toasted bun and smothered with chili, down 1.5 pounds of chili cheese fries and slurp a 16 oz. vanilla shake in 30 minutes or less in order to win a guitar and t-shirt.

These restaurants appeared in that episode:

Big Jud's | 1289 S Protest Rd

Status: Open, visit them online HERE. 

Flying Pie Pizzeria (Fairview) |  6508 West Fairview Ave

Status: Open, visit them online HERE.

Rockies Diner | 3900 W Overland Rd

Status: Closed. The owners were not able to continue the business due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The second time Man vs. Food visited was in 2018 with new host, Casey Webb. For his big challenge, Webb took on the Demon's Delight Challenge at Superb Sushi. The challenge allowed Webb 10 minutes to take on a bowl of Miso Soup from Hell that is made with, Wasabi powder, Sriracha Sauce, “Hot Streak” Death Sauce, cayenne pepper, Demons Blood and fresh Habanero pepper. Once you finish the soup you move on to the Demons Delight Roll accompanied with a side of Death Sauce infused with another fresh Habanero Pepper. Webb crushed the challenge.

These restaurants appeared in that episode:

Edge Brewing Company | 525 Steelhead Way

Status: Open, visit them online HERE. 

Westside Drive In | 1929 W. State St

Status: Open, visit them online HERE. 

Superb Sushi | 280 N 8th St

Status: Closed. Superb Sushi closed in October 2018, the same year the episode aired.


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