It's long been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When you sit down for that first meal of the day, what are your taste buds craving the most?

Do you have a sweet tooth that guides you toward fluffy pancakes, french toast and waffles? Are you drawn toward something a little more savory like biscuits and gravy or a gooey ham and cheese omelet? Or do you enjoy a tried and true breakfast sandwich?

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If you answered "breakfast sandwich" and live in Boise, you've found the right place to call home! Recently, two foodie publications published a list of the "Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Every State." While Eat This, Not That and Love Food disagreed when it came to which single sandwich was the best in Idaho, they did agree that it could be found in Boise!

So how did the sandwich showdown play out? Here were the top 2 picks!

Eat This, Not That 

Yelp/Yulia N.
Yelp/Yulia N.

In her article for Eat This, Not That, Caitlyn Flynn, dug up a lot of breakfast sandwiches that went beyond the basic ingredients of bacon, egg and cheese between bread. Her choice for Idaho is a french toast creation at Wild Root Cafe. Known as the "Frenchy," the sandwich packs kurobuta ham and gruyere cheese between two slices of french toast and topped with an egg. It's served with a side of maple syrup. It's not currently listed on Wild Root's website, so if you have your heart set on this sandwich, you may want to call ahead and see if it's available that day. Wild Root is located at 275 N 8th Street in Downtown Boise.

Love Food

Yelp/StaciLei T.
Yelp/StaciLei T.

The author at Love Food chose a sandwich in Boise's Hyde Park as the best in the Gem State. They chose the Certified Kitchen + Bakery's "Certified" signature egg sandwich. Served between a housemade English muffin made with Certified's 55-year-old starter, this sandwich is stuffed with egg, arugula, white cheddar and a fresno creme craiche sauce. Want to make it a little bigger? You can add bacon, avocado, tomato or all three. What's awesome about this sandwich is the fact that you can order it all day. Certified Kitchen + Bakery is located at 1511 N 13th Street in Hyde Park.

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