No joke, my fiancé and I just went to this building in Downtown Boise for an amazing dinner after seeing the Boise Philharmonic last month.  Had he known the building was haunted, we probably wouldn't have stayed! 

If you watched the prank I pulled on Nate earlier this week, you know that scary, twisty things aren't really his thing so if I had told him this story before we went to the Owhyee Tavern that night I know his answer would've been "Nope, nope, nope!"

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

Before The Owyhee building at 12th and Main in Downtown Boise was the modern cultural cornerstone that we've come to love, it used to be The Owhyee Plaza Hotel.  According to Haunted Rooms, the hotel opened in 1910 and attracted socialites from all over the Treasure Valley thanks to it's unique architecture, rooftop garden, restaurant and dance floor.  As attractive as it's amenities were, there were also some sinister things that happened behind the scenes at the once swinging hotel.

A one time general manager tells Things That Go Boo, that although he'd never seen anything out of the ordinary in his 15+ years of working in the hotel, he's had plenty of guests tell the front desk that they've seen spirits wandering through the hotel.  Even his staff admitted to seeing spirits in the basement and meeting rooms of the hotel.

But the story that spooks us the most is one that came from a guest who stayed in Room 136.  The Trip Advisor user claims that during her and her husband's stay at The Owhyee Plaza Hotel she woke up to a female ghost standing inside their room.  Feeling an eerie sense of calm, she asked the ghost who she was and why she was in their room. We don't know if she got any answers from the ghost, but feeling a little spooked she did pay a visit to the front desk to tell the night clerk.  The clerk offered the couple a new room, but they decided to stick it out.

The Owhyee went under major renovations in 2013 and is now a mixed used space that is home to The Owhyee Tavern restaurant, two hair salons, apartments and meeting rooms.  We can't find any recent signs of these hauntings, but I know for sure that I would be scared to death if I found out my apartment was the former Room 136!

Have you ever experienced something spooky at The Owhyee? Click HERE to tell us your story!

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