My Halloween costume arrived on Monday afternoon and I couldn't wait to give the make-up that goes with a dry run! 

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

Last year, I went the pop culture route with my costume.  According to Google Frightgeist, the most popular costume in the Gem State in 2016 was Harley Quinn from DC's Suicide Squad.  I wanted to make the costume as legit as possible, so I decided to forego buying the pre-packaged costume and buy higher quality pieces on Amazon.  When all was said and done, I'd spent $216 on that alone. Then my fiancé pointed out that both of our costumes (he went as a cross between the Suicide Squad and Arkham version of the Joker) involved some pretty detailed make-up, so we should have it professionally done.  One of our favorite servers at Old Chicago put us in touch with a friend at a salon in Downtown Boise who nailed our make-up...but it wasn't cheap.

This year, I went pop culture again but really didn't want to spend $60 on make-up again.  Going through some ideas on Instagram, I determined that I could probably handle the look myself.  I was so excited that the costume fit when it showed up that I decided to do a dry run on the make-up...right before my fiancé got home with our dinner.

Pretty proud of my hard work and knowing that his reaction would be hilarious, I couldn't help myself but to do this! He's still pretty mad at me this morning!

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