They may not have won the jackpot, but $2 million isn't a bad payday!

While we were getting ready to cash out at Old Chicago after watching NFL Football yesterday, I noticed the growing pile of old Powerball tickets in my fiance's wallet.  I asked him if he ever checks them. "Well, I know I didn't win the I just have them check them before I play the same numbers for the next drawing." The next drawing is Wednesday night and since he buys his tickets in Ada County, I'm keeping my fingers crossed we may actually be this winner that hasn't come forward yet!

In a post on their lottery blog, the Idaho Lottery shared that a big winning ticket was sold in Ada County for the Saturday, September 16th drawing.  While the ticket didn't match all of the right numbers for the $133.2 million jackpot, it did match all five of the first numbers.

So what does that mean when you match all of the numbers, but not the sixth Powerball number? That means if you chose the PowerPlay's a $2 million winner!  At this point, no one's come forward to claim it.  That means you may want to recheck these numbers.

Powerball Winning Number for Saturday, August 16th

17, 18, 24, 25, 31 and Powerball 24

Were you the big winner? Then you have 180 days from Saturday night's drawing to claim  your money.

Didn't have the winning ticket? Well, you've still got a chance to win up to $5,000 of Michelle in the Morning's Money (hey that's me!) three times a day. Find out how to play and get insider information that could mean a huge payday for you HERE!

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