If you win that trip to see Coldplay in Seattle, is this how you're going to view the show?  You won't be alone.  The small screen is so darned addictive, even with live music right in front of you.

This happened at a recent outdoor concert that I checked out.  It's hard to stand there and watch a show, arms down, just listening, huh?   Must. Grab. Phone. (Obviously, I did too.)

Some of those fans were capturing video, others were taking pics, and some might have been live streaming on Facebook, who knows.  It's just the way we experience concerts now.  And the band didn't seem to mind one bit.  They all had their phones in their pockets too and some of them snapped crowd shots.

There's an art to concert-going, right?  You paid good money for the show and you want to experience the live vibe and feel like you got the full experience.  But you also want to show your social media friends what you're doing and let those cheapskates in on the action too.  (Sideways wink.)  Or maybe you want to lay in bed the next day and watch the video and experience it all over again.  The phone is the ultimate preserver of moments, and the ultimate distraction too.

Okay, so win the Coldplay and Cash trip to Seattle, and work all the personal smart phone rules and find the balance when you get there.  You want Chris Martin as your new cover photo on Facebook?  Ok, we get it.  Good luck!

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