Micron is a worldwide leader in the semiconductor industry. The company has been through the good times and the bad. President Biden recently signed the CHIPS + Act that will give companies like Micron billions of dollars of tax incentives to build their technology centers in America. Congratulations, Mr. President, you've given over 40 billion dollars to companies that generate billions in revenue.

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Micron Technology Spends $150 Billion

A look at Micron's role in technology and its leaders present and past.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean and others hope that Micron will make a major investment in Boise. The company has spent millions and billions building sites in Georgia and Virginia.

Micron Announces 40 Billion Dollar Domestic Investment

Micron announced in a release it would spend 40 billion dollars on building 'leading-edge memory manufacturing in multiple phases in the U.S.' The Boise Dev has been the leader on whether or not Micron will build a massive facility in Boise. The publication details the behavior of Mayor McLean and the legislature's efforts to lure semiconductor manufacturers to the Gem State.

The company predicts their investment will result in the creation of over 40,000 jobs for Americans.  Micron's leadership credited the passing of the CHIPS + Act with allowing them to invest in America.

“I thank President Biden, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and the full Administration as well as members of Congress for their bipartisan support of the CHIPS and Science Act, which is an important step toward solidifying American semiconductor leadership for decades to come. I am honored to take part in this historic White House bill signing ceremony with them and fellow executives,” said Micron President and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra. “This legislation will enable Micron to grow domestic production of memory from less than 2% to up to 10% of the global market in the next decade, making the U.S. home to the most advanced memory manufacturing and R&D in the world.”

Why Not Boise?

Micron was created in Boise in 1978.  The company only exists because of the dedication of the company's original investors who were rich Idaho businessmen.  The headquarters remains in Boise, but has outsourced manufacturing to other locations like Taiwan over the past several years.

Inside sources tell us that building a FAB in Boise would be a huge and perhaps unnecessary economic challenge. Sources tell us that the research and development facility is years behind other facilities in the country. Other factors include access to an educated work force and engineering resources.  Think MIT, Research Triangle Park, Silicon Valley, or other engineering hot spots.

We will continue to monitor this story as it develops.

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