The move by Greater Idaho has gained two more significant victories due to the recent November elections. Two more Oregon counties have voted to leave Oregon and join Idaho. The process has a long way to go before over two-thirds of Oregon could become part of Idaho. 

Two weeks ago, organizers feared the movement could die due to apathy, but the votes of Murrow and Wheeler Counties have given the organization new momentum. Oregon Public Broadcasting reported that leaders of Greater Idaho were concerned that a lack of attendance at area town hall meetings would halt their efforts. 

OPB explained how the Oregon counties would join the Gem State.

"A divorce between rural Oregon and the Willamette Valley, the thinking goes, would allow Eastern Oregon and parts of central and Southern Oregon to align themselves with a state that shares much of rural Oregon’s conservative politics and culture."

Great Idaho now says that 11 of the 15 counties have voted to become part of Idaho. There are many reasons that thousands of Oregonians want to leave their native state. They feel disfranchised because the liberal in Portland and the coast control the Legislature, passing failed liberal programs like legalizing hard drugs. Rising homelessness, crime, and drug addiction have plagued Oregon for years under the liberal's rule.

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Here's a quick look inside the Greater Idaho movement.

Check out the players in the Daily Show's Portrayal Of Greater Idaho

The cast of characters that want a more Conservative life than living with the liberal in Oregon.


Mike McCarter, the leader of Greater Idaho, would like to leave for Idaho in peace. "We call on the Legislature to let each half of the state go their separate ways in peace. If western Oregon doesn’t like the risk of being forced to accept the gubernatorial candidate it voted against, then it should simply stop holding our counties captive in this unhappy marriage. Actually, it’s not even as dramatic as a divorce because we’re not breaking up a family. Moving a state border is similar to redistricting a utility provider.”

The Leader

He hopes the Idaho and Oregon Legislatures respect their movement and expedite the process of leaving Oregon for the Gem State.

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