Here is a very odd story that could make you scratch your head regardless of your political affiliation. Boise Mayor Lauren McLean announced that she had been invited to the White House by President Biden to attend the CHIPS Plus Science Act signing. The mayor congratulated herself for all the work in getting the legislation passed through Congress.

A look how Micron makes money in the world.  Story continues after gallery.

Micron Technology Spends $150 Billion

A look at Micron's role in technology and its leaders present and past.

The CHIP Plus Science Act will provide tax breaks to technology companies to incentivize them to build semiconductor facilities in America. The mayor hopes Micron Technologies will decide to make a facility in Boise instead of building one in another part of the country. Micron has spent billions of dollars building hubs in Virginia, Texas, California, Minnesota,and other location around the world.

The mayor did detail her work on the project on social media.

Despite the mayor's efforts, Idaho's congressional delegation did not vote to spend more tax money supporting multinational corporations. The Idaho Statesman first reported this statement by Congressman Simpson on why he said no to the CHIPS bill.

“Rather than engage in good faith negotiations with Republicans on this legislation relating to semiconductors this session, Democrats chose to craft yet another bill that sends billions of taxpayer dollars to Democratic wish list items that have nothing to do with countering China’s stranglehold over critical resources. I support funding for U.S. semiconductor production – but at a time when inflation is at record levels and Americans are already suffering under the crushing weight of rising prices, it is irresponsible to approve even more reckless spending that will almost certainly send our economy into recession.”


In the end, it's all up to this guy who lives in California.

Will Micron build in Boise?

Every Idahoan would welcome Micron returning to its Idaho roots. The economic impact of a new semiconductor facility would bring plenty of jobs to the entire state. However, Micron has been moving jobs out of Boise for years, and many experts believe that a move back to Boise is not in the cards. Let's hope they're wrong.

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Several different fire agencies, including the Boise Fire Department responded to a fire at Bonneville Point, near Lucky Peak and Micron.

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