The Chinese Government is displeased with Speaker of the House Democrat Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan. The communist dictatorship is currently engaging in unprecedented military exercises surrounding the island nation.

Micron Technology is a well-known leader in chip manufacturing. Years ago, the Chinese tried to buy the company. The Boise chip maker was offered twenty-three billion dollars. However, the deal was shut down due to national security concerns. Even in 2015, our Government knew that Micron's work was too important to be owned by a foreign adversary. You can read more about China's bid for Micron here.

The United States cannot run without computer chips; most chips are made in Taiwan. If China conquers Taiwan, they will control the world's supply of computer chips along with Micron. The Boise company has a large Fab in Taiwan. Political scientists cannot predict what a loss would mean to Micron or the country.

What is a Fab?  The Idaho Statesman shares with us who are not in the chip industry was a Fab is. 

 "Fab is short for semiconductor fabrication, the manufacturing plants where DRAM, dynamic random-access memory, and NAND flash memory are produced. Micron is the only DRAM manufacturer in the U.S. The country gets most of its chips from Taiwan."


Will Micron Return to Idaho?

The company successfully lobbied Congress to pass the CHIPS and Science Act. The legislation will incentivize businesses to return manufacturing chips in America. Although Boise is Micron's headquarters, the company has spent billions in Virginia and other states.  The economic downturn was especially tough on the Boise campus as many folks were let go.  Micron began in Boise in 1978.

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