Some Oregonians want to change the map to join Idaho. This has been an ongoing 'want' and battle for a few counties who want out of the blue state for years. They are finally getting their chance as for the first time it will be voteable on the ballot. This coming May Oregon voters will be able to give their two cents on the matter.

According to Idaho News, if approved, Idaho's boarders would alter to include Southern and Eastern Oregon and the Northernmost part of California. The group on the forefront of the movement is called Greater Idaho and last year they got enough names on the petitions to have it officially on the ballot.

The proposal is called 'Move Oregon's Border' and it will be on the ballot in 5 Oregon counties this May. The current plan only includes a shift in borders. As of now, it does not interfere or change the balance of power in the US Senate. Even if the ballot has the favor of the votes, there would still have to be an agreement from the three state legislatures and Congress. Something that has never been done before.

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Idaho became a state in early July of 1890. Pretty Much no state boarders have been changes since the late 1800's possibly a few slight tweaks in the early 1900s. Check out this video that shows the succession in states becoming states in a quick 2.5 minute YouTube video.

Would you like to see Idaho expand to include most of Oregon and some of California that has similar ideals or do you think things should stay the way they are?

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