Social media is an interesting thing. It could be used for good, promoting a business, connecting with old friends, and of course, sharing your true feelings on that state of Idaho. Such is the case on Twitter and people aren't holding back.

The thing is, reading some of these Tweets make me appreciate Idaho more than before. The very things people are complaining about are the reason why we love it here and why we call it home. While a majority of Twitter users use the hashtag when complaining about the weather, others are angry that Idaho merely exists.

Without further ado, let's dive into the things people hate about Idaho that make us love it that much more.

Who doesn't love sweater weather?

No, seriously. This isn't the worst thing! Is swimming fun? Sure, but there's always the hot tub and we'll happily take 57 degrees over 104!

What do you have against trucks?

Nothing says luxury like a super long pickup truck. If you don't believe me, just fill up a tank on one of those bad boys and let me know what you think.


Unpredictable weather!

You never know what you're going to get in Idaho and that's especially true with the weather. Some might see this as a bad thing but I love this diversity!


Okay, we'll give you that...

Nope, she's right. There's no way to turn this situation around, that's as crummy as it gets... but is it really a good reason to "hate" Idaho?

Settle down, Chase.

This weather is AWESOME, Chase.

Who doesn't like potatoes?

French fries, fully-loaded baked potatoes, waffle fries, tater tots, hash browns... do we need to keep going? Who doesn't like potatoes?

A spring break like no other!

Some see this as a negative but after dealing with this heat, I think we're all ready for a "cool" break.

Gotta love our drivers!

Some things never change and that's what we love about Idaho.

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