The best haunted houses in Idaho aren't necessarily the ones that creep you out and make you jump out of your skin.

Instead of the fear factor, it's the fun factor that makes a haunted house great, and the best one in Idaho has been named.  We want to know if you agree.

The team at Frightfind scoured the country to find the haunted houses that are the most fun and looked at online chatter, social media, and customer reviews to get a sense of which haunted houses had the best buzz and the happiest customers (or victims as it may be).  Every haunt got a score, and based on that process they said the best haunted house in Idaho sits right here in the Treasure Valley.

Frightfind said The Requiem in Caldwell is a real gem.  Have you been there?  I have not, and apparently, we're missing out.

Requiem Haunted House is in downtown Caldwell, and it's the largest indoor haunt in the Treasure Valley. Even though it's a little freaky, they say it's still appropriate for kids 7 years and older because they have a glowing bracelet system to alert the actors to tone down their terror level a bit when the young ones are coming.  Mama might need one of those bracelets too.

Requiem does a lot for the community by donating $1 from every ticket sold on certain nights throughout the season to places like the Caldwell Fire Department and the College of Idaho swim team.  They've also teamed up with the anti-bullying campaign called Don't Be a Monster.

So how scary does it get?  I've heard there may be a creepy clown or two lurking there.  And some bloody-looking mummies that can't stand up straight and get right in your face.

If this sounds good to you, get all the info HERE, and send us your reviews.  And if you have ideas about other haunted houses that are better, do tell!  It's all about the FUN, remember?  I'm sure they will all be fine and not give you a stomach ache at all.

We'll keep the Halloween ideas coming.  Because it's fun!

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