In the world of hogs and honeys, Idaho rates as prime motorcycle country. Beautiful blacktops, sweeping curves, steep canyons and rolling hills make the Gem State the ideal landscape for any motorcycle expeditionist.

Detailed below are the Lolo Pass, the Snake River-to-Super Volcano-to-Earthquake Lake-to-West Yellow Stone-Run, and the Murphy Loop—three of Idaho’s most enticing rides.

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The Lolo Pass – 175 miles

Starting Point: Lewiston, ID

The Route: Starting in Lewiston on US Highway 12, ride east to Missoula to travel across Idaho almost entirely widthwise.

Scenery & Features: According to an anonymous guest reviewer on, the Lolo Pass is said to showcase one of the most awesome segments of the Lewis & Clark Trail. The route also journeys riders through Idaho and Montana’s Rocky Mountains. In addition to Lolo National Forest, are the fantastic features of the white waters of the Lochsa and Selway rivers.

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The Snake River-to-Super Volcano-to-Earthquake Lake-to-West Yellow Stone-Run – 117 miles

Starting Point: Rexburg, ID

The Route: From Rexburg, take US Highway 20 to West Yellowstone, Montana. Take Montana State Highway 191 through to Grayling, turning west onto US 287. Next, continue through the intersection of US 20, turning south to head back through Idaho’s Island Park.

Scenery & Features: As recently as two years ago, reviewer Alan01 noted this is the sort of ride anyone will love. Clear skies intensify the beauty of the Grand Tetons, and the route overall is a continuous scene of farm country and lava fields. The journey across the Snake River delivers riders to the basement of Island Park’s extinct volcano just before they’re met with a brief series of sweeping turns and curves in anticipation of forest and field-lined straightaways. Exiting the caldera brings riders to Montana’s West Yellowstone doorstep. From West Yellowstone on, riders enjoy a level terrain up to and through the shorelines of Hebgeb Lake and Earthquake Lake. Upon exiting the canyon, the road opens and riders head south passed Henry’s Lake, looping back through Island Park to complete the two-wheeled expedition.

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The Murphy Loop – 155 miles

Starting Point: Nampa, ID

The Route: Enter Highway 45 off 12th Street just south of Nampa and ride to Walter’s Ferry. Turn left at Walter’s Ferry and take 78 through Murphy, Grandview, and Bruneau. Bruneau bears right at 78. Take 51 straight-on to Mountain Home, then 84 west to back to Nampa to complete the route.

Scenery & Features: According to BigJake on, every stretch of this route apart from the interstate headed back toward the Treasure Valley is breathtaking. He also noted the amazing views of vast farmland, rolling hills, and the Snake River.

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