Just yesterday, Marisa, mother of three, went to work early in the morning thinking it was going to be a day like the one before. She works full time to try and make ends meet and receives no assistance. Thanks to the "kindness of strangers," Marisa experienced "one of the most amazing moments" and "will be forever grateful."

If you've ever thought that your $10 donation won't mean anything or doesn't feel like enough, I'm here to prove you wrong. Each donation, no matter the amount, is turned into a life-changing moment for someone (often an entire family) in the Treasure Valley. They may even live in your neighborhood.

This message popped up in our Facebook  notifications yesterday. It's Marisa, who we met just that morning!

So I had the most amazing experience today when you guys showed up at my work to make my family part of your Christmas Wish. First of all my amazing cousin and friend Lori has proven how absolutely giving a person can be over and over again, I will be forever grateful she is part of our lives. Second of all my family can definitely use it I have not made one single purchase for Christmas so this is amazing. But most of all it just made me feel a little bit better about life in general, sometimes you can get into a pattern of work, home, and just trying to keep my family above water that I feel like I am just swimming upstream and that it is us against the world. We hadn't even put a tree up yet because I just was not feeling it at all. This whole experience reminded me that it is ok there are people who care and I am not trying to be a good person and raise my children to be good people for nothing. This renewed my faith in people and kindness of strangers. It was one of the most amazing moments in my life and I will be forever grateful.


100% of your donation goes toward Christmas Wish thanks to Idaho Trust Bank! Today is the day. Christmastime feels awesome when you know you're part of this goodness.


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