LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union.

Mason's Christmas Wish for his mom, Teresa, proves that anything can happen when the community comes together. In his letter, Mason told us that he's on the autism spectrum. Reaching out to us was something a little out of his comfort zone, but it was something he was excited to do to see if we could find some help for his mom.

Teresa's a single mom who would often take on two or three jobs to provide for Mason over his 24 years. She had a great job at St. Luke's but after a serious injury and series of surgeries, she developed a chronic pain syndrome that made keeping that job impossible. Unfortunately, because rent in the Treasure Valley is so high, Teresa and Mason found themselves homeless during the first part of 2023. During that time, Mason had to travel to Salt Lake City to have both of hips replaced. There wasn't money for a hotel stay, so Teresa slept in his hospital room for two weeks.

Teresa eventually started working for FedEx and was able to find enough money to rent a one bedroom apartment. It's been hard to make it feel like a home, but it's a safe place to be every day. Mason let us know that he has a bedroom, but Teresa's been sleeping in a chair in the kitchen. His wish for his mom was to find a twin sized bed.

We jumped on this one because about a month before we started delivering wishes, one of our superstar listeners, Dawn, reached out and told us that she and her husband had bought her mom a new twin sized bed but were never really able to use it. By the time it arrived, her mom needed more of a hospital style bed so it's been sitting in their garage, all wrapped up and waiting for a new home. She wanted to pay it forward to one of our Wish families.

So we had our rock star engineer, Tyler, follow the Treasure Valley Subaru delivery sleigh to Dawns house to load it up in his truck and we went to go make Teresa's Christmas a little cozier!

Click play to hear Mason tell us about his mom and how absolutely stunned Teresa was when she found our that this surprise was all his doing!

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We want to grant as many wishes as possible in 2023 and we can't do it without your support! If you'd like to donate, there are two easy ways to do that!

Donate at PFCU | Pioneer Federal Credit Union is collecting donations at all of their Treasure Valley locations. To find the one closest to you click HERE.

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