LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. 

How often do you stop and really appreciate the fact that you have a running vehicle? Most days, you're probably in such a hurry to get to wherever the next destination is that you probably take for granted the fact that the engine started when you turned the key.

Rachel wrote to us about her friend Jess, a single mom of two who's without a running vehicle. Her car had been giving her issues for a few years and finally gave up on her nine months ago. Right now, Jess just can't afford to get it fixed or buy another vehicle.

Rent at the apartment she lives in is about to go up again. One of her daughters has severe asthma and allergies that require medications. One of the girls is in braces. It seems like any time she's starting to save a little money, something else hits her.

Luckily, Jess is surrounded by an amazing village of friends that will help her pick up her girls and run her to errands like grocery shopping, the bank, doctor's appointments and dentists appointments. Rachel knows that Jess is overwhelmed and if she could just catch a break, she'd be forever grateful.

Well, we had some folks in OUR village step forward and offer to help create that much-needed break Jess needed. Dennis and his team of angels at Combs Car Corral wanted to help get Jess to and from where she needed to be during the Christmas season and generously offered her the opportunity to borrow one of the loaner cars from their fleet for the next few days!

Brittiany Graham, Townsquare Media
Brittiany Graham, Townsquare Media

We sent Brittiany, along with James from Combs Car Corral, over to Jess's apartment to deliver the good news and a whole bunch of other surprises that add up to the break that she'd been praying for!

Click play to hear Rachel tell us how Jess has been trying to navigate the challenges thrown her way and how shocked she was to find us at her door with a running vehicle!

A Christmas Wish for Jess - Pt 1

A Christmas Wish for Jess - Pt 2

Check Out the Video Combs Caught of the Surprise!

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