LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. 

It's nearly impossible to put into words how much Sonya admires her big sister, Christina, but she tried her best when she wrote us a letter about her all the way from Arizona. There's a significant age gap between the two sisters and their parents weren't around much when they were kids, so Christina became a mother figure for her little sister growing up. Sonya truly believes that she wouldn't be who she is today if it weren't for her sister selflessly stepping into that role when she was younger.

It breaks her heart to know that her sister is struggling during the holidays. Christina lost her job part way through the year, so there were a couple of months when this single mom of two didn't have a paycheck coming in. There were times when she had to choose between paying rent or utilities, so there were times where the utilities were shut off. When her daughters' birthdays rolled around, the only thing she could afford for them was a cake.

Brittiany Graham, Townsquare Media
Brittiany Graham, Townsquare Media

Sonya knows that Christina feels like she's failing as a mom as she tries to get back on her feet. She knew there wasn't going to be money for the holidays this year, so she told her daughters that Santa didn't make a lot of toys. Sonya wanted to do something to give her big sister and nieces a little hope this Christmas season and asked if we could help Santa find this family.

We said, absolutely...let's do it! For this one, our elves from Pioneer Federal Credit Union and Baker Auction Company joined Brittiany in the Treasure Valley Subaru delivery sleigh and gave Christina a gift that will allow her to make a Christmas to remember for her girls.

Click play to hear Sonya tell us how much she loves her big sister and who Christina expected to see at her door instead of our Christmas Wish elves!

A Christmas Wish for Christina - Pt 1

A Christmas Wish for Christina - Pt 2

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