We don't know about you, but coffee creamer is probably the most stolen item out of our break room fridge. With an extra $75,000 in the bank you most definitely buy everyone in your office their own bottle so they have no reason to touch yours! 

If you're someone who typically can't function until that first magical drop of coffee touches your lips in the morning, finding your bottle of creamer nearly empty can ruin your day. Which flavor are people snagging from you? In our office, we've noticed a trend. Labeled with a name or not, pumpkin spice cream disappears in days. Peppermint Mocha may last a week or two. No one wants French Vanilla.

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You may have your favorite flavor of creamer, but is it the creamer of your dreams? There are some really wacky flavors out there right now like Fruity Pebbles, but maybe you've thought of something better. (We always thought Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough would be a good one.) Well, Chobani wants to hear your most creative creamer idea and pay you up to $75,000 to use it!

You have until February 28 to visit their website and submit the name of your Chobani Coffee Creamer flavor, what's in it and where the inspiration for it came from. They'll comb through the submissions and find three final flavors that meet their standards for make-ability, taste-ability and sale-ability. Those three flavors will be put up for a public vote and coffee lovers will pick the flavor that they want to see in stores. The creator of that flavor will win $75,000. The runner-up will cash out with $15,000 and the third place flavor will pocket $10,000.

Chobani's has deep roots in the Gem State. They own the world's largest Yogurt production facility in Twin Falls and recently made headlines for offering their employees paid time off as an incentive to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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