Waterfront property with private docks. Pools with shady cabanas. Cedar saunas. Closets fit for movie stars. Impressive home theaters. These are all amenities, you’d expect to find in Idaho’s “richest city.” But not all homes there are million-dollar mansions! 

Earlier this year, HomeSnacks combed through census data to determine the “10 Richest Cities in Idaho for 2022.” For their list, they only looked at the latest American Community Survey data for Idaho cities with a population 5,000 or more. To come up with their “rich score” they looked at the percentage of the population living below the poverty level, the median household income in each city and each city’s unemployment rate. 

After ranking each category and averaging out the totals, Eagle came out on top. With a population of 28,145, 6.7% of Eagle residents are living below the poverty level. Only 1.1% of residents are unemployed and the median household income is $91,414.

Shauna Pendleton/Redfin Corporation
Shauna Pendleton/Redfin Corporation

We’ve already painted a picture of what you can find at some of the most expensive homes on the market in Eagle, but what do the cheapest homes in the city look like? Well…they lack any real staging for starters, but we pulled some images for you anyway!

For reference to how “cheap” these homes are, Realtor.com currently lists the median listing home price for Eagle at $949,900.

Author's Note: If you're saying how is this NOT Sun Valley? Sun Valley's population is only 1,783. They weren't eligible for the HomeSnacks list. 

The Five Cheapest Homes for Sale in Idaho's Richest City

According to Home Snacks, Eagle is Idaho's "Richest City" in 2022. The week of August 1, these were the five cheapest homes on the market there.

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