When our favorite Downtown Boise restaurant closed suddenly last March, we didn't know just how many times that headline would repeat itself over the next year. Now one of our favorite destinations for unique beers is calling it quits. 

Last night, I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a post from Bier:Thirty that started with the sad words "Goodbye, Friends." Reading further in the post confirmed what I thought was coming next. The pandemic hadn't been kind to the gastropub and bottle shop.

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Over the last few months, despite taking all of the necessary safety concerns and having one of our favorite Southeast Boise patios (if you've been there, you've had a good time chuckling at those who can't manage to parallel park or flashing a big thumbs up to the runners/cyclists that fly by it,) they're losing too much money to keep the business afloat. Their last call comes just five months before their 10 year anniversary in Bown Crossing. Bier:Thirty's final day will Wednesday, January 13 and to say "thank you" to their regulars they're planning on dusting off some special kegs they've been holding onto. They'll also be filling growler's one last time.

I've lived within walking distance from Bown Crossing for seven years years and regret that I didn't become acquainted with Bier:Thirty until quite sometime after I moved into the neighborhood. It was one of the places for where the Boise Area Runners met up for their weekday night runs. After my first group run there, I was hooked. I'm kind of a beer nerd and they had an exceptional selection. Their food was perfect for warming up after one of those cold, dark January runs.

Thank you Bier:Thirty for those fun memories and for one of the last fun girls night's I had with my friends this summer. You'll truly be missed by the neighborhood!


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