It was cool this morning, but in a month, it'll likely be freezing! As fall quickly approaches, see when we're likely to get our first freeze.

After a particularly hot summer here in the Treasure Valley, the Fall Equinox is quickly approaching. Wednesday, September 22nd marks the first official day of fall (despite the fall flavored drinks and pumpkin-y things being around for nearly a month). We're now seeing temperatures in the upper forties late at night and early in the morning but based on averages, we'll see freezing temps (sub 32 degree weather) by the 16th of October, and by November, we'll likely see our first snow of the season.


Now, there is a difference between frost and freeze, you can get a bit of a frost starting at just 36 degrees. In fact, according to the US National Weather Service Boise Idaho, "Fall will soon arrive, so it's time to think about the first frost or freezing temperature, especially in the lower valleys where this season's first frost has yet to occur. With calm winds and clear skies, and a dew point close to the temperature, frost can form at temperatures as high as 36 degrees." This is great news for fall and winter lovers, and lovers of winter sports. We'll soon be on our way to snow! Don't forget, while not a snowy snow city like a Denver, we still do get about 18 inches of snow per year, and that's just down in Boise. Up in the mountains, it'll be a completely different story. So get your cold weather gear out and happy (almost) fall!

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