When Regal decided to pour $200,000 into remodel their Edwards theater at the Boise Spectrum in 2019, no one could've predicted just how long it would be before movie goers in the Treasure Valley could actually enjoy it! 

The first piece of the puzzle was outfitting one of the theaters with ScreenX technology. ScreenX extends the action of whichever movie you're seeing ON TO the auditorium walls. You feel like sitting against the back wall of a cube as the movie surrounds you 270º. The ScreenX auditorium opened in late January 2020, giving movie lovers a few opportunities to enjoy it before the pandemic began.

The second piece of that puzzle was outfitting another theater with 4DX. The 4DX auditorium was ready for guests exactly one week before Regal announced hat they were shutting down every one of their theaters nationwide. We were incredibly lucky to catch of screening of Disney's Onward in 4DX before the shut down and it was incredibly cool!

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4DX really makes you feel like you're part of the movie! 4DX theaters are are equipped with motion enabled chairs, which create strong vibrations and sensations, as well as other environmental controls for simulated weather or other conditions, such as lightning, rain (if you don't want to get wet, push the 'water off' button when you sit down,) flashing (strobe) lights, fog and strong scents.

During Onward, the seats rocked side to side to make you feel like you were riding on the back of a soaring unicorn, put the wind in your hair and made you feel bumps during a chase scene, pushed smoke into the air during scenes with fire and you could feel water droplets on your skin as the boys were splashing down a river in a makeshift boat. While the tickets for 4DX can be pricey, it's an experience that everyone should try at least once.

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And now you'll finally be able to! Regal officially opens their Edwards at the Boise Spectrum today, April 23! We don't see any ScreenX listings, but both the new Mortal Kombat and Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train are listed as showing in 4DX!

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