This. Was. So. Cool!

Last Spring, we told you the Edwards at the Boise Spectrum was getting some MAJOR upgrades that would give Treasure Valley movie goers a chance to experience the biggest blockbusters in a way that no other theaters in our area offer. The first piece of that remodel, ScreenX, just opened and I finally got to check it out over the weekend.

(I say finally because their current ScreenX movie is Bad Boys for Life. I'm cinematically challenged and had never seen the first two Bad Boys movies so my husband absolutely refused to take me until I saw them. Thank goodness both of the movies are on Netflix right now!)

I had done a little reading about ScreenX and I knew that it extended the movie screen to the auditorium side walls.  In my head I was just picturing a really, really big screen...which it totally was. You could tell how much larger it was than a normal theater screen when they were showing the pre-movie content like "Noovie" that was displayed in it's regular size in the middle of the screen. It seemed like a neat happy medium between a regular 2D movie experience and IMAX.

After the previews I was totally not prepared for what happened next! An video of a little girl with a suitcase comes onto the screen. She takes a cube out of the suitcase that (forgive me, I'm a super nerd) looked like the Tesseract from the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. Before I could get the words "Why does she have the Tesseract?" out of my mouth the video started playing ON THE AUDITORIUM WALLS! You were no longer just watching the really big screen in front of you, you were watching video to your left and to your right. It's almost like the movie's being shown in a cube and you're sitting against the back wall of the cube, making you feel like you're in the movie!

Having a hard time picturing it? Check out this trailer.

I don't want to spoil too much of the actual Bad Boys for Life movie for you, but I'll tell you it's an excellent first movie to experience in ScreenX if you're a fan of the franchise. When they show panning shots of Miami, you feel like you're looking at plane window taking in the breathtaking views. When Mike's driving like well...Mike Lowrey, you feel like you're in the front seat and can see why Marcus is freaking out with every sharp corner. During the fight scenes? You're wanting to dodge bullets because you're really convinced you're in the middle of it.

The 270º ScreenX experience is a MUST if you love the movies! In fact, be listening to my show this week for a chance to win tickets to experience Bad Boys for Life in ScreenX.

I'm excited to see what other movies Edwards will bring to the Treasure Valley in ScreenX. Past offerings at other ScreenX theaters include Captain Marvel, Spiderman: Far From Home, Aquaman and Shazam, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Marvel's upcoming Black Widow movie might be next!

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