Edwards Nampa Gateway. Country Club Reel Theatre. Northgate Reel Theatre. The last few years haven’t been kind to movie theaters in the Boise area. Another one will join the list of theater closure this weekend. 

Facebook user Eric Salinas shared some pictures of Nampa Reel Theatre on Tuesday night, letting neighbors know that the final credits will roll at the theater this Sunday, March 24. Since he made the post at 7:50 p.m., it’s been shared more than 650 times with many movie fans questioning if the post was a hoax since the theater’s website or Facebook page makes no mention of the impending closure. 

Elisa Robinson, the current GM of the Nampa Reel Theatre took some time to clear up the confusion on the threat. Robinson explained that she does not run the theater’s Facebook page or website, but says the closure was made public on the theater’s marquee board and their Instagram page. The closure means the only Reel Theaters left in our area are the Caldwell, Eagle and Ontario Luxe theaters that show first run, full price films. 

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Robinson went on to let the community know that the building won’t be empty for long. It’s already been purchased and is being renovated into a Nerf, laser tag and airsoft arena with a tentative June grand opening date. 

Old Theater Still for Lease in Boise


We can’t say the same thing about the former Northgate Reel Theatre on State Street in Boise. The theater closed last August and is still listed for lease through Colliers at a rate of $15 per square foot. According to the listing, the landlord plans to demolish the upgrades Reel made and will present the new tenant with a blank slate. 

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