The return of college football is now only a few weeks away. You can almost feel it in their air. As sad as it is to see summer go, that means it's time for fall and fall means one thing: football.

People across the country will be cheering on their team this fall. They'll be out tailgating and showing up on campus to watch the game. However, not everyone gets to go to one of the best stadiums in the country to watch their team. Here in Boise, we don't have to worry as Boise State's Albertsons Stadium was named one of the best in the country.

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Now, I understand "best" can be subjective. But, when your team makes the list why bother complaining?

"Best" may be an iconic stadium, a stadium with a lot of history, a scenic backdrop, can fit a large crowd, or has something unique about it.

On the list of the 11 best stadiums in the country, we'll cover campuses from the west coast to the east coast and every where in between. There'll be teams from the Mountain West, the Big Ten, the Pac-12. and beyond.

With college football just around the corner, your team could be playing one of these teams at their stadium. It could make for an awesome, unforgettable road trip experience. Maybe your team even made the list!

Let's check out the 11 best stadiums in the country, and what makes them so great. It'll help us pass the time until the season gets here.

Photo by: Alex Ip on Unsplash
Photo by: Alex Ip on Unsplash

Best College Football Stadiums In The Country

Here are the best college football stadiums in the country!
Photo by: Andrew Gearhart on Unsplash
Photo by: Andrew Gearhart on Unsplash

It's good to be number one. At the end of the day, no stadium can match Albertsons Stadium. That Blue Turf is just too awesome. Nobody else has that going for them. Every other field is sort of the same when you look at it from our perspective.

Other stadiums were worthy of a mention but didn't get covered. Read more about SportsNaut's list of the top 20 college football stadiums in the country on their website.

It's a bummer to see summer starting to slip away, but I think I'll trade it for college football. Games start in a few weeks and this could be a big year for Boise State.

The Broncos have a very favorable schedule this year. I could see them winning the Mountain West. That would be a big deal, and this year the conference is up for the taking with no clear favorite.

Here are my expectations for all of the teams in the Mountain West for the 2022 football season.

Photo by: Ben Hershey on Unsplash
Photo by: Ben Hershey on Unsplash

Pre-Season Predictions For The Mountain West 2022 Football Season

Predicting the 2022 regular season records for all the Mountain West Conference for the NCAA Football season.

This should be a big year for Boise State. I can't wait to watch it play out at Albertsons Stadium. You know, the best stadium in the country.

This could be an important year to make a name for themselves with so many teams changing conferences. The Pac-12 is going to be looking very different in a few years as USC and UCLA head to the Big Ten. That leaves a hole in the conference that could lead to a Mountain West team or two heading to the Pac-12.

Boise State is historically one of the best programs in the conference. If the Pac-12 is looking to bring a team in, they should consider Boise State. If offered, they should definitely take it.

The Pac-12 will be better and bigger competition for the Broncos. It will also lead to more national attention and prime time games on national TV. That could really boost the brand and revenue.

Here's what the Mountain West schools that Boise State currently plays against. Note these teams and then we'll compare them to the teams in the Pac-12.

Mountain West Championship - Air Force v San Diego State
Photo by Kent Horner/Getty Images

Mountain West Conference Schools

Boise State is currently in the Mountain West conference. There are teams in close proximity and close states nearby. While the school may be considered to fill spots left vacant by USC and UCLA leaving in the Pac-12, here is who their current competition is within the conference. See for yourself what the best move would be.

Now let's take a look at the Pac-12 and who the Broncos could be playing in the future if they were to switch conferences. I think it would be the right decision. What do you think?

Pac-12 Conference Schools

Boise State could be heading to the Pac-12 Conference since USC and UCLA left. Personally, I think it would be a major upgrade for the program. It would bring us more national attention and that means more dollars. Plus, we want people seeing our iconic blue turf! Here are the schools in the conference.

It would be the right choice to make the move, if they are offered the opportunity.

Here are some great away games this season for the Broncos, in case you want to hit the road to see the team play this year.

10 Must See Away Games For Boise State Football

Ten Stadiums That Deserve Boise State Football

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