When you think of college sports in Idaho, you instantly think of Boise State Football. For a good reason, the Broncos have turned out some pretty great teams, been to some great Bowl games, and fill Albertson's Stadium to capacity every season. This year, so much uncertainty brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic has put several college sports on hold indefinitely and has put this year's football season in jeopardy.

While we are waiting for a football decision, a different sport doesn't seem to be affected. This sport requires no physical contact and can easily be played while social distancing. While you don't know the players or coaches' names, it's a sport that is thriving at Boise State. In fact, just a few days ago, the program was recognized on a national level. I'm, of course, talking about the Boise State eSports team.

The program consists of gamers that play games or "eSports" like Fortnite. If you didn't know already, Boise State is pretty good. In fact, so good that they were nominated in six categories at last week's National Association of Collegiate eSports Convention. Those categories were: Best Broadcast Team, Program Director of the Year, Women's Student Leader of the Year, Men's Student Leader of the Year, Rocket League Coach of the Year and Overwatch Coach of the Year. Congratulations eBroncos!



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