Wait. Is that who I think it is?! This photo most definitely made be do a double take and scroll back up my Instagram newsfeed. 

On Thursday night, I was scrolling through Instagram when I stumbled across a photo of a pretty attractive man wearing a Boise State half-zip. "Huh. That kind of looks like Dale  from the Bachelorette," I thought to myself as I kept scrolling, without reading the caption. I made it another two photos before I just had to go back and see if it really was Dale.

Image via BroncoShop.com
Image via BroncoShop.com

Had I read the caption the first time, I would've known to tap to see the tags! It really was Dale! So how did the collaboration come to be? One of BSU's Brand Ambassadors jokingly asked why she wasn't part of the shoot. The Bronco Shop commented back that one of their vendors uses Dale as a model and they wish they had been at the shoot too!

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In fact, the Bronco Shop didn't know the photo was coming! They replied to Instagram user @kynkenzmom that they also had to do a double take when they found him on the website!

If you don't watch The Bachelorette religiously, you might be going who is this guy? He was the "winner" of Clare Crawley's abbreviated season of The Bachelorette. She fell so head over heels in love with him, that she sent everyone else home early and got engaged to him.

Needless to say, the fairytale came to an end rather quickly. Dale announced the couple had split via Instagram on January 19. Clare said she found out about the "mutual agreement" to split the same way that the rest of Bachelor Nation did...on Instagram.


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