Those looking to become school administrators or higher education leaders have access to one of the best programs in the nation right here in Boise.

And there's new evidence that the program just keeps getting better.

The College of Education at Boise State has been one of the top graduate schools for several years now, and it recently made the US News and World Report list again.

Boise State says its College of Education climbed 3 spots in the overall ranking to No. 54 on the 2019 list, and it's No. 43 of ranked public universities. That's five years in a row that the College of Education has made the list, and the highest ranking so far.  This puts it in the top 3 in the Northwest, the top 3 in the Intermountain West and the top 15 in the West, according to Boise State.

The rankings considered things like reputation of employers, quality of graduate students and programs, faculty research activity and external funding, and peer evaluations.

Current and future teachers are getting a good boost by going to school at Boise State, and the school is cranking out administrative leaders too.  There are two doctoral programs, two educational specialist degrees, 15 master’s degrees and 11 graduate certificate programs offered at Boise State right now.

We don't say it often enough, but thanks teachers for doing what you do!  Going to school for an eventual career in a school is a good thing, especially at Boise State.

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