This might be the weirdest, most fun idea ever for a charity race. One little town is getting attention for it's .5k race, and that decimal point before the 5 is no accident. At about a third of a mile and ten minutes out of a Saturday morning, just about anyone can conquer this thing!

Boerne, Texas is hosting this strange little .5k Race this weekend, and it might be the quickest charity race in the history of America.  Instead of the usual 3.1 miles in a standard 5k race, runners will be breezing through this one in ten minutes or less since it's just a quick 0.31 miles, or 1,640.42 feet. If a fast runner usually clocks a six minute mile, well, he'd be done with this race in about two minutes.

For runners and walkers who want to take their sweet time moseying through, there's going to be a coffee and donut break halfway through the course, and that'll give 'em the fuel they need to make it to the end.  And then there's beer at the finish line.  They'll just have to keep it under the .08 legal limit after that .5k.

So many people are entertained by this idea of the 10-minute shuffle and stroll that the race registration quickly filled up and they're not letting any more people register right now.  But organizers said they're looking at ways to increase capacity for 2019, and they've also got a Procrastinators Prize Pack that anyone can pick up and feel good about with some coattail endorphins.  They said, "for only $1499 $1299 $299 $79 $25 you too can pretend like you participated in the race. You'll get a t-shirt, the participation medal and the super pretentious oval 0.5k bumper sticker."  These people are fun.

We don't want to be copycats here in the Treasure Valley, but then again we kinda do.  It would be a hoot to bring a race like this to Boise and raise some money for charity with a run/walk that will take less time than a Target run or a trip to Walmart on a Saturday morning.  Thanks for the inspiration, Texas.

The Inaugural Boerne 0.5k is coming up at 11 am on May 5th and proceeds benefit the local Blessings in a Backpack program.  If you're gonna do this in Boise, let us know!  We wanna come.  We'll bring the donuts.

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