Every now and then, the mood strikes and you become hyper-focused on decluttering your space. Whether it’s your typical seasonal cleaning or the great purge before a move chances are you’d LOVE to get say goodbye to some of the stuff taking over your space. 

The question is how are you going to get rid of that clutter? There’s no shortage of options. You could always hold a garage sale (or come sell it at Idaho’s Largest Garage Sale in May.) Pros? You get to make some extra money to put toward something you’ve wanted to buy or a summer vacation and get to meet some new people in your neighborhood. Cons? By the time you organize, price and execute the sale the whole experience has been time-consuming and you’re kind of at the whim of Mother Nature. 

You could throw it up on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, but there are some real weirdos or scammers out there that might be looking to take advantage of you. 

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You could throw it out. Is it the most environmentally friendly or most helpful use of your old stuff? Hardly, but we were priced out of our apartment last year and know what it's like to make a move you weren’t planning on. When you’re feeling super overwhelmed, tossing a box you haven’t opened in years can help lower your anxiety. 

You could donate it to a charity that’s going to find a way to turn your unwanted items into something good one way or another. Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores is one of those charities you may look to. 

What Does Idaho Youth Ranch Do With Your “Junk?”

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The non-profit 501(c)3(3) is happy to take your gently used items and sell them to others in the community at affordable prices. The profits they make off your stuff go to fund programs that nurture hope, healing and resilience in Idaho’s youth.  That means all sorts of things like counseling, residential care for kids experiencing trauma, resources for families involved in adoption processors and more. 

Between July 2021-June 2022, the Idaho Youth Ranch was able to extend help to 954 young people whether that meant providing days at the Hays House Shelter, giving teens their first experience in the workforce or getting them set up with clinical sessions. These kids were struggling with suicidal thoughts, major depression, anxiety disorders, PTSD and other challenges where they felt lost with nowhere to turn to. 

Their most recent financial report shows that 34.5% of the $4,272,300 they invested in Idaho kids came from the net profits at their thrift store locations across Idaho. 

Idaho Youth Ranch Doesn’t Want All of Your Junk

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Unfortunately, the Idaho Youth Ranch can’t take all of your stuff due to costs, safety or laws. Having to deal with those items they can’t use costs the organization money so on their website, the Idaho Youth Ranch asks that you NOT donate these items to their organization. 

Idaho Youth Ranch Stores Will Not Accept These 15 Items

According to the Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores website, their stores will not accept these items as donations.

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