Boise Needs This 'Race for Underachievers'
This might be the weirdest, most fun idea ever for a charity race. One little town is getting attention for it's .5k race, and that decimal point before the 5 is no accident. At about a third of a mile and ten minutes out of a Saturday morning, just about anyone can conquer this thing!
Insane Inflatable 5k Costume Ideas
Getting your friends together to jump, slide, and climb on inflatable obstacles is fun.
Getting your friends together in awesome costumes to jump, slide, and climb on obstacles is epic.
If you haven't planned your outfit yet, or even thought about a costume, here are a few ideas to consider...
Boise is Represented in Monday's Boston Marathon
The Boston Marathon has gotten so popular that almost 35-thousand runners applied this year, and they had to reject almost five thousand because they had maxed out.
There are several runners from Idaho that were lucky enough to get in, including more than twenty from Boise.
Fit One07.9 LITE FM
LITE FM cheered on our runners and walkers today at the FitOne race! FitOne is organized for the benefit of the participants, the community and the promotion of health and fitness; and will continue to evolve as a year-round platform providing resources and opportunities to support active, heal…