After the winter we've had, spring picnic weather cannot come soon enough.  So let's plan ahead and think about sunny and 75 and then the good weather will come more quickly. Surely that's how it works.

It turns out, the best picnic spot in all of Idaho is right here around Boise.  

MSN says the best spot for a picnic in the state is ten minutes outside of Boise at Lucky Peak State Park.  When the weather warms up there are jet skis to rent and kayaks, and until then we can take sandwiches out there and hang out at any of the designated covered picnic spots, or carve out our own spot along the river or back in the trees.  When it's not snowing anyway.  We'll be in the 40s this week with precip off and on, so it might be another week to eat yogurt and granola at your desk at work.

Your backyard in Nampa is a great picnic option too, we hear.  We're thinking cedar plank salmon and sunshine and festive drinks.  Hurry up, May.

What other picnic spots around the Treasure Valley do you love?  The weather looks iffy this week AGAIN, but soon it will be spring and after being cooped up all winter we'll be ready to get out and make the most of spring.  Food is a big part of the fun, and we'd love it if you'd turn us on to the best spots for a picnic.  We'll bring the quinoa.

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