lucky peak

Boise Has The Best Picnic Spot in Idaho
After the winter we've had, spring picnic weather cannot come soon enough.  So let's plan ahead and think about sunny and 75 and then the good weather will come more quickly. Surely that's how it works.
It turns out, the best picnic spot in all of Idaho is right here around Boise.
Bike Riding on the Greenbelt (2)
Kody, my youngest son and I went bike riding on the greenbelt.  We started at the Quiznos in Eagle with Kody wearing a Gopro.  Here is some more video of our ride.
Yikes Shark Attack
Thank goodness there are no sharks in Lucky Peak and that the beach is about 500 miles away.  I love the ocean but I have a fear of something coming up from the depths and eating me.