When was the last time you felt passionate enough about something to leave a review – either positive or negative? It seems that some of Boise’s favorite places to hang out in the summer really left an impression on these reviewers!  

Read through the comment section on just about any social media network and you’ll realize that people are looking for anything to complain about. We love to read through those any toss up the Michael Jackson eating popcorn meme as we watch things spiral completely out of control.

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The rants don’t stop on social media. They spill over to review sites like Yelp, too. Luckily some of those complaints make for some pretty darn funny reviews of places like Lucky Peak, Quinn’s Pond, the Greenbelt and some of Boise’s favorite parks.

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In fact, even the reviews that rave about these local gems can be funny too. These are 15 that literally made us laugh out loud (and at times, almost spit our coffee out.)

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