Remember last October when ducks and geese were getting shot through the head with blow darts?  It's happening again and this time it's at Lucky Peak.

KTVB just reported that a duck was found earlier today with a blow dart that had been blown clean through its neck.  The duck has not yet been caught.  Obviously, catching this duck and giving it immediate medical care is crucial for its survival but aside from that... who the hell is doing this?  What kind of person sits back and tortures animals like this?

When we reported this story last October there was no follow up information which leads me to believe that whomever the perpetrator or perpetrators were, they were not caught.  Which leads us to this.  Because most SICK people don't just get better.  They need help.  And whoever is doing this is definitely SICK!

PLEASE if you see, hear, or know anything about these ducks getting shot with blow darts, report it immediately to Lucky Peak authorities at 208-343-0671.  Animal abuse is NOT okay and it's up to us as a community to step up, keep an eye out, and help put these sick people away.

We'll keep you posted on the results of the investigation into this case.

Credit: Brian Rodenspiel
Credit: Brian Rodenspiel