If your commute to or from the office takes you over the connector on the way out of Downtown Boise, you've driven past this beloved climbing gym for years. They'll close their doors for good this Saturday, April 28. 

Since it opened in 2011, Urban Ascent has been an amazing asset to the Treasure Valley.  They've helped mainstream rock climbing from an "extreme sport" into a fun way to stay active for people at any level.  The height of their walls offered a climbing experience that hasn't been duplicated by any other gym in the Treasure Valley.  Their hillbilly and pajama themed parties were always a hit with members, so it's no surprise that those who frequent the gym are absolutely devastated over the news that Urban Ascent will close for good on Saturday, April 28.

In a post on their Facebook page, the gym manager explains that they have been purchased by a developer who plans to put in an affordable housing apartment complex at 25th and Fairview.  The purchase wasn't a secret, but the gym was supposed to stay open another 18 months after the developer's local partner broke ground on the project.  At least that's what the developer had told gym management for 6-8 months.

Mid-March the gym was contacted and told that they're final day would be April 28. They're saying farewell with a party starting at 11 a.m. and ending whenever they get kicked out (or 12 a.m., that's what the official Facebook invite says!) Guests are welcome to bring their own food, beer and fond memories of Urban Ascent to share.

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