Boise and Meridian aren't the only areas of the Treasure Valley experiencing a boom in growth.  Eagle now has a population of 30,000 and the community is getting their own theater!

After you're in a car accident, it takes a while for you to work back up the courage to drive the stretch of road where your car got smushed.  At least that's what I'm struggling with.  I've avoided the Chinden off ramp on the Connector like the plague since I got rear ended that means I'll drive all the way out to Meridian and down Eagle Road to get into Eagle. It's a little out of my way, but the other day it gave me a chance to see what they've been building near The Bridges at Lakemoor!

KTVB confirms that part of the new construction near the new T Sheets headquarters is a new luxury movie theater.  The 28,000 square ft, 657-seat Luxe Reel Theater will be Eagle's first theater and should be complete by October 2019.

Putting in a new Reel Theater is attractive city because the movie group is local and does a great job operating it's second run theaters in Boise and Nampa.  They've also got a Luxe branded, first run theater in Caldwell.

The new theater won't offer VIP food/beverage service in theaters but will give patrons a chance to spread out on their large reclining seats.

While some are concerned that the theater will create more traffic problems on Eagle Rd, the city hopes that it will encourage people to stay in Eagle rather than spend their money outside the city at theaters in Meridian and Boise.

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