Idaho native and international star of television and films Aaron Paul recently had a chance to spend time with the folks at Men's Journal. As you can see from the picture above, Paul's interview was the cover story 'Aaron Paul is finally breaking big.'

If you're a fan of Breaking Bad, there's much more to Aaron Paul than Jesse Pinkman.  The forty old had a dream, like many, of going to Hollywood to make it big.  Unlike most of us, he made it.  Paul began his quest by being focused on his goal.  It took him ten years of working television commercials before landing a role on the HBO series Big Love.

Starting at a young age helped him overcome those challenges.  He tells the magazine he took his first acting class when he was in sixth grade. Paul graduated college early so he could leave his Gem State roots to go to California.

Today Aaron is the talk of the movie, television, and streaming industries.  His work is featured on Hulu, Netflix, A&E and a theater near you.  What about HBO you ask?  Well the Paul magic is now on HBO's big series Westworld which begins its third season.  If you don't see him on the screen, you might run into the Breaking Bad star in Idaho.  Paul is building a home there and looks forward to many years of comfort in the Gem State.


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