Pack some soothing, stress-relieving eucalyptus lotion along with the green bean casserole this week.

There will be more people on the road than during any of the last nine Thanksgivings, according to AAA.

AAA says 48.7 million Americans will travel for Thanksgiving, so if your travel plans involve airports and take you to other states, you'll see a crowd along the way.

There are 255,000 expected to travel in Idaho, and they'll move 50 miles or more from home.  And 227,000 of them are traveling by car.

Gas prices are around $2.40 in Idaho, while the rest of the country averages $2.16.  We'll just cut back on a few cans of cranberry sauce and it will all balance out.

They're saying the busiest day will be Tuesday, and the lightest travel time will be Thanksgiving morning.

And then Friday, well, the congestion hits the mall parking lot and that's a whole 'nother test of patience.  Have a great week.