Some of the cuter kids' costumes this Halloween might be Flo the Progressive Lady, a Grandma and her walker, or Forest Gump running.  When kids are adults it's fun for everyone, but the most popular costumes will likely be the ole standbys.

When they're thinking about what they want to be for Halloween, most kids seem to have a lightbulb moment and they just know that's it.  They forge ahead without a doubt, transforming themselves into superheroes, witches, and sometimes a Ghostbusters slimer and there're no convincing them they should be anything else.

A couple of years ago my daughter decided to dress up as "nothing."  She wore a black leotard from head to toe (she swore she could breathe just fine), and every patch of skin was covered and every hair was tucked in and out of site so there was nothing identifiable about her.


Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

She discovered a huge problem Halloween night though, when she wanted to pop at Tootsie Roll between houses.  She couldn't!  There was no mouth hole to insert the candy while she was out and taking the mask off created another problem because without the mask she wasn't "nothing."  So she had to wait until she got home to dig in to the Halloween haul and she said she's never doing that again.

If your kids are still deciding what they want to be and you have the chance to offer some input, these are the costumes we expect to see in Boise on Halloween night.  We'll watch for the pics!

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